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We build companies that shorten the distance between need and care.

We build companies that shorten the distance between need and care.

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We do not believe in failing fast.

We do not believe in failing fast.

In fact, we believe that the startup success rate should be dramatically higher than it is. Conventional thinking suggests that innovation comes with a compromise in discipline, and that failing fast is an indicator of positive progress. 

We disagree. 

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Increased discipline gives true traction to innovation.

Increased discipline gives true traction to innovation.

The right leadership from startup through scale makes all the difference. Collectively, our team has successfully launched businesses that created billions in shareholder value.

Oval Copy Meet our team

Our Team

There are better solutions, that also happen to be profitable ones. Our businesses have transformed countless lives for the better, doing what is right for patients as well as for long-term growth.

Meet venture equity.

UnitedHealth Group Ventures is a hybrid of venture capital and private equity—venture equity. 

We are business builders who are also controlling interest investors, utilizing expertise in governance commonly applied in private equity. 

We are looking for the next generation of leaders. Visionaries who want to redefine how healthcare is delivered in our country. 

Our executive entrepreneurs are selected specifically for the needs of the business model, they often bring a unique blend of operating experience and financial discipline. 

We have assembled a team that has the knowledge, skills and experience to think outside the traditional lines of health care.

We have significant operating experience including decades of skill in navigating the healthcare system, as well as investing and operating in other industries or business models. So we add value to every stage of our businesses’ development, far beyond launch.

Meet The UnitedHealth Group Venture Team

Rob Webb

Rob is currently the president of UnitedHealth Group Ventures, leading investment strategies to advance innovative business models that improve the quality and affordability of health care.

Previously, Rob was the chief executive officer for OptumHealth Care Solutions, the leading global provider of consumer health solutions, serving over 70 million people.  Before joining UnitedHealth Group he was a partner with One Equity Partners, a global private equity firm managing $10 billion in investments.

He currently is on the board of Orthology and Renai.

Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Erin Carnish

As Managing Director & COO at UnitedHealth Group Ventures, Erin builds businesses that create disruptive, positive change for the healthcare system. Since UHGV’s founding in 2012, she’s focused on creating and leading businesses to address our country’s struggle with diabetes, redefining how chronic pain is treated, and repositioning care for the frail, elderly and poor. 

Previously, Erin was Senior Vice President of Innovative Solutions at Optum Health. Prior to joining UnitedHealth Group, Erin was a senior manager in Andersen’s consulting practice. 

Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical/industrial engineering from the University of Minnesota and attended Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Institute.

Erin is active in the community, volunteering with the Minneapolis Institute of Art and has served as a board member of the local chapter of Feeding America, Second Harvest Heartland, for six years.

​ Krista Dusil

As Principal and CFO for UnitedHealth Group Ventures, Krista Dusil aims to build and support a sustainable infrastructure for the start-up companies UHGV founds. 

She joined UnitedHealth Group in 2002 as an analyst in Corporate Finance and Business Development, and has since served in numerous functional capacities, including finance, product management, operations, and international roles within Optum. Prior to this role, Krista helped ensure affordable access to care for our members in the Brazilian market within the Amil health plan, and previously managed the women’s health continuum of products, including developing and launching the Managed Infertility Program.

Krista began her career at Arthur Andersen LLP in audit and has a B.A. in accounting from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

Christina Fellows

As a Principal, Christina is on a mission to support the success of the portfolio and drive the design and launch of new businesses progressing health, wellness, and care.

Previously, Christina was a functional CFO at UnitedHealthcare managing P&Ls with nearly $3 billion in revenues, as well as the business plan for the commercial segment. Outside of UHC, Christina was an investor at a Seed and Series A venture capital firm, and an associate at a private investment firm.

Christina earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan while a student-athlete, and her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Josh Marquart

As VP of Technology Strategy, Josh identifies and executes on opportunities to use technology as a differentiator and accelerate delivery.  He guides new businesses in scaling their technology to serve the needs of large, complex healthcare ecosystems. This includes ensuring businesses have the infrastructure, teams, and processes to provide tight security for their technology while still remaining fast and nimble.

Since joining UHG in 2001, Josh has served in several roles across technology, product management, project leadership, and operations. Prior to this role, Josh led program delivery and payer adoption for Real Appeal, a highly successful online weight loss program launched by UHG Ventures. Previously Josh launched Optum’s private healthcare exchange and created an engine for consumers to compare plans according to their preferred providers, existing prescriptions, and cost.

Josh started his career with Andersen Consulting and holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University.

Richard Mockler

Richard joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures in 2015 as a Senior Advisor, working across our portfolio supporting the ideation and design of new businesses.

Previously, he served as SVP New Products and Innovation at Optum Specialty Networks, where he built and managed new programs in telepsychiatry and sleep health, and managed relationships with the investment community related to new ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions. Richard joined UHG in 2007 as VP Strategy and Communications for Optum’s growing Public Sector business.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Montana, and earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

​ Nathan Hammer

Nathan joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures in 2016 as a director, where he is currently active with Real Appeal and developing new platforms.

Prior to joining UnitedHealth Group Ventures, Nathan worked at L.E.K. Consulting in Boston.  At L.E.K. Nathan was active across a variety of verticals, conducting strategic and M&A engagements across healthcare, private equity, retail, and other industries.

Nathan graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. from Brigham Young University, and earned his MBA with distinction from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Brad Otto

Brad joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures as an associate in 2017.  He is currently active with Orthology and developing new business concepts.

Previously, Brad worked in investment banking at Lake Street Capital Markets where he primarily supported the firm's M&A, capital formation, and strategic advisory services. Responsibilities included financial modeling, process management, and market research.

Brad holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota with concentrations in finance, accounting, and management information systems. 

Sarah Anderson

Sarah joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures as an associate in 2018.  She is currently active with developing new business concepts.

Previously, Sarah worked at Ernst & Young LLP where she specialized in audit services for mutual fund, hedge fund, and private equity fund clients. 

She is a CPA and graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a BBA in accounting and a supplementary major in Spanish. 

Chad Simmer

Chad joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures in 2018 as a business analyst.  He is focused on fundamental research, data analysis, and building the fact base behind business ideation.

Previously, Chad was a partner and research director at Disclosure Insight where he was responsible for overseeing data integrity and risk assessment research.

Chad holds a B.S. in molecular biology and an MBA, both from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is also a CFA charterholder.

Macall Smith

Macall joined the UnitedHealth Group Ventures team as a Business Analysis Consultant in 2016. Her focus is on building a shared services foundation that can be leveraged across the business and filling ad hoc resource gaps within the portfolio companies.

Macall has been with UnitedHealth Group for six years in a variety of roles across product, technology, international, and operations. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Kelsey Kennedy

Kelsey Kennedy joined UnitedHealth Group Ventures in 2017 as a Process Engineer. As part of the shared services team, she partners with portfolio companies to design efficient and sustainable operations in their pursuit of rapid growth.

Prior to this role, Kelsey served as a technical consultant for Thomson Reuters and was a Fulbright grantee, where she was sent to southern Brazil and studied the organizational infrastructure of female athletics in the country. Most recently, Kelsey was part of Optum International where she designed their internal sales, marketing and reporting processes for the Brazil business.

Kelsey graduated cum laude with B.A. in International Management from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.

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Launching businesses that define success in both financial and human benefits.

Launching businesses that define success in both financial and human benefits.

Visionaries who want to redefine how healthcare is delivered in our country. Our executive entrepreneurs are selected specifically for the needs of the business model.

Oval Copy Read about our approach

Our Approach

Our approach is methodical and analytical.

UnitedHealth Group Ventures has developed a rigorous build-to-scale model to ensure that the market will support a scaled solution, designing sustainable businesses specifically to meet market needs. 

Whether it’s better access to health benefits for low-income patients, improved care for the elderly and vulnerable, market-leading prevention services for chronic conditions, and many others, all our businesses make a big difference in peoples’ lives.

We ensure we have the business blueprint before we start building.

We provide skilled resources and deep UnitedHealth Group Ventures leadership support on a sustaining basis to this end.

Proven With Consistent Outcomes

It’s a win for all constituents. A clear understanding of the destination is supported by experienced people and a well-defined process to illuminate the path. The result is positive disruptive change that begins to improve peoples’ lives, and generates strong returns for investors. 

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By every measure of success, our businesses deliver significant returns.

By every measure of success, our businesses deliver significant returns.

Very often, our businesses solve the unmet health needs of our members. Because more care is not always better care. It’s about delivering the right care at the right time, and ensuring every step of the patient path is high-quality, effective and designed with true patient benefits in mind.